Fees & Collections

Timeshare Maintenance Fees & Collections

  • Bulk and individual charging of management charges
  • Week ownership, Full, Even / Odd
  • Even / Odd 100% respective year, or 50% each year with ability to have an admin surcharge
  • Can run at a Club or Resort level, charges all ownership across multiple resorts based on Unit Size
  • Charge currency is dictated by resort, multiple currencies can be charged in the same run
  • Special levy charges
  • Points charges per point as well Points Admin fee as a flat rate, at the same time
  • Discount for early payment
  • Interest charges for outstanding amounts
  • Flat penalty amount for overdue accounts
  • Individual and bulk processing of payments
  • Pre-payment of future changes
  • Automated Payment by instalments
  • Bulk payments from 3rd party collection processors
  • Owner online payments
  • If applicable, early payment discount
Timeshare Maintenance Fees